# Features

  • Simple, low-friction API with support for colors in HEX, RGB, HSL and HSV color formats -- plus kelvin temperatures!
  • Create the perfect color picker from a selection of pre-built UI components.
  • Add multiple colors to the same picker for selecting color harmonies and themes.
  • Contained within a single 9.5kb (min + gzip) script. No extra css, images, or third-party libraries (like jQuery) needed.
  • Works across all modern browsers and devices, including touchscreens.
  • Licenced under MPL 2.0. 100% free for personal and commercial use.

# Examples

A collection of interactive examples are available on Codepen.

# Support

If you run into any problems when using iro.js, feel free to contact me for help! The best way to get support is by opening an issue thread on the iro.js Github repo, but you can also email me or send me a DM on Twitter.

# Motivation

I built iro.js after feeling pretty unsatisifed with the existing color picker widgets I came across while working on a project. They were either unintuitive, bloated, depended on extra libraries, or had been long-abandoned by their author.