• Simple: Low friction API, with robust support for hex, rgb, hsl and hsv color formats.
  • Extendable: Tweak the library to your requirements with Plugins and custom UI elements
  • Consistent behaviour: Works across all modern browsers and devices, including touchscreens.
  • Small footprint: 7kb minified and gzipped, with absolutely no jQuery or extra css/images in sight.
  • Great design: The controls are designed to be intuitive and responsive, plus they're built with SVG so they look super crisp at any resolution.
  • Transparency support: Optional transparency slider with the transparency plugin.
  • Licenced under MPL 2.0: 100% free for personal and commercial use.


An interactive demo is available on Codepen.


Supporting the Library

I built iro.js after feeling unsatisifed with the existing color picker widgets I came across while working on a project. They were either unintuitive, bloated, dependant on external libraries, or had been long-abandoned by their author.

iro.js aims to solve all these problems, however maintaining and providing quality support for a library like this requires a lot of time and care. This is where you can help!

By donating, you can ensure that I'm able to make iro.js the best color picker around, plus you also help support more rad open-source projects that are coming in the future 🎉

If you don't want to donate, feature requests and contributions are always very much welcome, as is giving a star to the project's GitHub repository or sharing it on social media!